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   Guangzhou HAIRI Electronics Co.,Ltd is located at Nancun town of Panyu district of Guangzhou .HAIRI has a high-quality, dynamic and innovative team that flexibly and high-efficiently provide clients with a complete power solution. HAIRI products are followings: switch power supplies, charges, LED lighting power supplies, power adapters; these products are used in areas like electronic game machines, decorative lighting, LED lighting, telecommunication equipments, industrial automation, safety and protection system, electronic control mechanical equipments, medical treatment, laptops, vidicons, marking machines, electrombile, etc.
  Our quality policy is to guarantee a complete products’ service and to satisfy clients. We insist on business on power supply is trustable one for sure. Except for its performance and cost, we put more cares for the trust of products’ long-run. In HAIRI, every product is controlled strictly by standard and manufacturing regulations from its development, production to quality controlling; As for management, we have a set of high-efficient managing method worked in making orders, listing orders, purchasing, management, shipment, after-services, quality analysis, etc., making sure best products for customers.
  Based on experience of our development, design, products, manufacturing and services, we are confident to provide you with a complete switch power solution, being a long-term cooperator with you.

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